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    Link to the full picture: Here's another example of the same coloring technique used: This was my first time ever recording a real life type of drawing so it was difficult to get what I was doing on camera. I was using an ipad against a pillow to get the best angle lol. Soo I'm not sure if I could record anymore traditional drawings. The video file is large already and idk how other people do it! I could try but.. :( It was fun to do this though. The feeling you get when you're making a new video is worth it~ If you don't understand what I did, here are the steps (note that this could work for anything you color! not just skin) : 1. Figure out what color you see most of. For example you want a turquoise with mostly blue and some green. So blue is your main color. Green is your secondary. 2. Color in with your main color in the same direction throughout. 3. Use your secondary color and color in with circular motions. This is for blending purposes. You may use as many colors as you want to get the desired color you can't get out of a regular colored pencil pack~ I think it makes the colors turn out better when you mix them. 4. Shade in darker with your main color by putting more pressure. I tried putting in how to shade in there too, but I'm not sure if I explained it well enough. Sorry about that. Anyone want me to do a tutorial on anything else? Digital or traditional? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ My deviant art:
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    Full picture: I wanted to draw dark pit but I got lazy and besides Pit has so much detail on ...
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    Short video animation I made for new media art class Made with Photoshop, After Effects, and Adobe Premiere Uploaded because why not. Might make you ...
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    full picture: wallpaper: ...
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    full picture: wallpaper: ...
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    Link to full picture: Great anime so far. Lelouch and c2 are my favorite characters :D All hail ...
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